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Santa Cruz Valley United Methodist Church Care Team

Goal: Be supportive of our church family during COVID-19 Stay at Home closures. While not meeting face-to-face, our Care Team reaches out to connect our Church family.  

Why:  Because Jesus calls us to love and support one another. 

Who:  This Care Team ministry focuses on nurturing our Church family. 

How:  The Care Team attempts to personally contact those in our Church family via phone calls, texts & emails. 

The kinds of things our Care team has done- 

Our Care Team has facilitated and helped church family get hooked into Zoom for worship services & devotions, passed on prayer requests to our Pastor, delivered face masks, helped steer people to getting what they need, touched the hearts of those lonely and isolated, and offered the love of Christ through loving ministry. 

Who serves on our SCVUMC Care Team -

For our church family to stay personally connected, our care team serves in the stead of Sunday morning greeters & fellowship time. Thank you volunteers for your loving care for our church family!  

Phone Call volunteers: Wanda Butler, Nina Conrad, Natasha Allen, Wes Ambriole, Janice Ambriole, Carol Woodcock, Pat Howard, Angie Mason. 

Care Team support members: Amethyst Carpenter – shopping assistance, Cindy Carter – assist with access to Zoom, Kristin Miller –assist with access to Zoom, Vern Butler – church directory assistance, Elaine Kloetzly – Contact for those without Internet access. 

Just Coffee/Café Justo Cooperative - Helping our neighbors help themselves (one pound of coffee at a time)

SCVUMC Mission: address the poverty and migration from Mexico to the U.S.A. by supporting the Just Coffee/Café Justo Cooperative

How is our Church helping & Why?

Café Justo/Just Coffee is the recent crop of family farm raised organic coffee beans in southern Mexico, roasted and shipped from the border town of Douglas the same week we make our order.  We order coffee to enable small farmers to make a decent living for their families.  As part of our mission outreach, SCVUMC places an order of Café Justo coffee 3 times a year.

Regular coffee is $10 & decaf coffee is $11 per pound (full 16oz), beans or ground, dark or regular roast.  Delivery is in the spring, fall and after Thanksgiving.  

Helping small farmers get a fair price for their organic coffee has been a mission project of SCVUMC for over 15 years.  Consider ordering coffee for your church, for your worksite, or give a pound as a gift.  Contact the SCVUMC church office (520-282-4085) for the next order date and to place an order.   

A Direct Relationship in Mission

Do you know who grows the coffee beans for your morning cup of coffee?  Do you know how old it is or when it was roasted?  If you drink Just Coffee/Café Justo coffee, you do know.  The farmer’s name is on every pound of coffee you buy and the date it was roasted.   Just Coffee is about a more direct relationship between the coffee drinker and the coffee grower.  We help small farmers make a sustainable living, one cup of fresh organic coffee at a time.  

For more information visit www.JustCoffee.org

Mask Ministry

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Santa Cruz Valley has been sewing and giving away hundreds of cloth masks to anyone who needs one.  A small team of women are sewing and sharing God’s love in this very practical way.  Masks are dropped off to a box at the church every week or you can order by messaging Pastor Sandy at pastor@scvumc.org or messaging the church on Facebook.

San Fernando Elementary School, Sasabe, AZ

Many years ago, SCVUMC began a Christmas gift ministry for all children at Sopori School in Amado.  Over the years, that was expanded to include San Fernando Elementary School in Sasabe.  Several years ago, it was decided to suspend the program at Sopori School but to continue with San Fernando.  Starting with Christmas gifts, our involvement has grown to include providing school supplies at the beginning of the school year, providing professional school pictures for all the children, having Santa visit with gifts at Christmas, sponsoring a school field trip, giving Easter baskets to the children and participation in special activities at the school.  Last year we asked members of the church to “adopt” a student and send cards and letters to the children.  This has proved very successful and now, SCVUMC is firmly entrenched in the life of San Fernando Elementary School and our involvement has enriched the lives of all concerned.   http://www.sanfernando35.org/

The Inn - Sheltering Migrant Families Seeking Asylum

In coordination with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office, the Inn has been providing temporary housing and transportation for immigrant families. Most of the families are from Central America and are in the United States as Refugee or Asylum immigrants. They have cleared background checks and customs. The coordinated response is called The Inn Project.   A ministry of the United Methodist Church in Tucson, some churches are providing safe temporary lodgings for families for approximately 5-24 hours and in some cases 2-3 days. The churches are also providing meals, hygiene and bedding necessities, warm clothing, and other miscellaneous travel needs. When contact with the refugee’s extended family is secured, churches are coordinating transportation for the refugees to join their families.

How to help:  Prayers, volunteers, and gifts are all critical needs. Visit their website to volunteer. http://www.theinnumc.org/

For more information:  


Amado Food Bank 

We collect food for the Amado Food Bank throughout the year.

Mexico Mission Trip 

We partner with a UMC church in Kansas and supply household items for a new house build each spring.

Angel Tree – Salvation Army 

Each Christmas we support the children with Salvation Army with our Angel Tree.  

Adopt a Highway

Santa Cruz Valley United Methodist Church has made a commitment with the city of Sahuarita to pick up trash in a section of Sahuarita Road twice a year. Name of this program is “adopt a highway”. Typically, we do this in the cooler months in the fall and then prior to summer. The route that we are responsible for is Nogales Highway west to Sahuarita Middle School entrance both sides of the road. All supplies to complete task are brought to us by the city and after the work is completed, they pick up our trash collected in the hour to hour and a half that completes our commitment. Typically, we have anywhere from 8 to 12 volunteers from the church helping us.

Events/Community (Share Christ)

Pumpkin Patch:  We host a pumpkin patch in October as a fundraiser for our church and to bring joy to our neighborhood.  Small, medium and large pumpkins are for sale and there are great photo opportunities around the patch.  The patch is in the parking lot of the church and is a crowd pleaser!

Sights & Sounds of Christmas 

Join us each December to experience the sights and sounds of Christmas.  This event is designed for children to experience music, crafts, bible lesson and special snacks of the Christmas Season.

Christmas Parade – Santa Cruz Valley UMC participates in the city’s annual Christmas Light Parade.  Planning and decorating is just half the fun!  Members walk the parade route handing out goodies from the church and inviting everyone looking for a church home to stop by for a visit.  

Vacation Bible School:  With COVID-19 we offer a virtual VBS this summer. Each day includes a Bible theme supported by the Bible story, crafts, music and games. A packet for each day will be delivered to the child so they can participate online and be connected through ZOOM. All of this can happen in your own home!

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