Website Management…

It’s Wednesday morning.  I’ve looked at our new website every day for the last several months.  It’s a beautiful blur of pictures, video, mp3’s and words.  I am so thankful to the generous donor who made this site happen.  I’m also really thankful for our web designer who has an amazing knack for answering all of my silly questions.

Truth be told, this is not what I imagined I’d be doing with my time when I went to seminary 13 years ago.  The face of ministry has changed, and has barely kept up with the swift change in our culture.  I feel very blessed to be able to meet a new group of people who found St. Paul’s through our website.  I hope and pray that this website will be a vehicle of God’s grace in sharing information with people who are just beginning to consider questions of faith, or those who have been Christians for decades, just looking for a new place to call home.

Let me know what you think about the site.  If there are changes that need to be made, I’m happy to do my best to figure out how to make them.  Thanks so much for visiting our blog.  Keep your eyes open for more Pastor’s Perspectives!

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