The final outcome…my Lenten Journey

St. Paul’s hosted a huge crowd on Easter Sunday!  What a blessing it was to worship with everyone…singing some of my favorite hymns that we won’t sing again until this time next year.  In one of my more self-centered moments I wondered how many people came to worship scoping out whether or not I was wearing makeup.  Certainly this didn’t cross people’s minds, until several people commended me for not going back to make up because, in fact, my friends, I DID NOT WEAR MAKEUP TO CHURCH ON EASTER SUNDAY!!!  It was a great feeling to not put on makeup because I chose to rather than not wearing it because I wasn’t permitted to wear it for 40 days (plus Sundays).  Now, don’t read too much into that last sentence.  I know it was my choice to engage in this practice throughout Lent.  In my mind, though,  I had to decided I wasn’t permitted to wear it during Lent or I easily could have had a lip gloss slip.

I have gone back to using night time products and my face is much happier for it in the morning.  The dry desert air does nothing for the moisture in my skin, so I am thankful for the 12 layers of protection that I’ve started applying once again.  I also did use a little bit of hair smoothing cream on Sunday morning.  I have every intention of coloring the big patch of grey hair in the middle of my forehead…but not quite yet.  As far as makeup goes, I’m not done with it forever, but I have turned the corner truly believing that I don’t need it.  I am content with how I look when I smile at myself in the mirror.  It’s clear that the people who matter most think I don’t need any enhancements to my face.  I’m happy with the natural glow that accents my cheeks.  I have learned that I am me and I am good enough for…well…I’m just enough.

One thing I’ve decided is to keep blogging on a regular basis.  How about once a week?  I’ll make the focus of my blog “Seeing the world through spiritual eyes.”  This way I can blog about everything from exercise, to healthy eating…parenting to ministry.  If you have any topics for me to tackle, just let me know.  Thanks for reading.  And thanks for guiding me through this much rewarding Lenten practice.  Here’s to realizing we’re all enough!!!

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