Some day in the 30’s–It’s just a number

30 ish days without non hygienic facial products

I was flipping through some pictures I’ve had saved on my phone for a very long time.  I saw a picture that I must have found on Pinterest that is a great reminder of the number we see and sometimes battle on the bathroom or doctor’s office scales.  (of course…when I tried to upload the picture to this blog I repeatedly received an error message).  So, imagine a white scale with the old fashioned dial that reveals your weight.  Written in purple sharpie marker right on the space where your dirty feet step is the following:


  • what a great person you are.
  • how much your friends and family love you.
  • That you are kind, smart, funny and amazing in ways numbers can not define.
  • That you have the power to choose happiness.
  • Your own self worth.”

Why do we put so much stock in a number that comes up on the scale?  Well, let’s be truthful.  It is an indicator of something.  In our family it’s an indicator of how much weight Addison has gained in between weight checks at her doctor’s office. We watch her weight carefully because she’s so thin.  It’s a cruel joke that I have to work so hard to help my daughter gain weight.  It’s easy for me to write of her thin frame to God shining down upon her with great favor.  Who wouldn’t like to have a doctor say to you, “Really, you need to be eating ice cream and really high calorie foods until you put on about 10 pounds.”  I look at a brownie and gain 3.

Also in our family I will admit that it’s an indicator to me of whether or not I controlled the food I put into my body the previous week or whether or not it controlled me.  I am a classic emotional eater.  When I’m happy I celebrate with food. When I’m sad, I try to mask the sadness with sugar.  While I work hard to remember that ITS JUST A NUMBER!!! I also don’t want to completely discount that number as an indicator of what might be going on in my emotional life.  I give myself permission to make different choices when the number is a little higher than what I believe is a healthy number.  I also celebrate (not with brownies) when the number is a bit lower.  At my best I try to keep that number in perspective because above all I am a really beautiful and amazingly blessed child of God…no matter what number I see on my scale.

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