Sermon Series

As recorded in the Gospel of John Jesus says, “Peace I leave with you, peace I give to you…” Often times we do not know what a life filled with peace would look like. If we don’t know what peace looks like how can we possibly have any idea of how to create peace. A life filled with peace is an elusive concept to grasp. At St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, we believe Jesus’ words. We believe that a life filled with Jesus’ peace is a real possibility for each and every one of us. If it is a possibility, how are we to create this peace? Does it magically occur, transforming us in the process? Or do we have some level of responsibility in living a life that is able to receive this gift of peace? From October 2-December 25, Rev. Billy Still will attempt to answer these questions and many more, giving us practical tools along the way to bring Jesus’ peace into our lives. For now, let’s all begin to believe that peace is a real possibility in our lives. We look forward to walking on this path to peace with you.

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