What to Expect

P1040156When you walk up to the building at Santa Cruz Valley United Methodist Church you can expect to be greeted by friendly faces waiting outside (weather permitting) to offer you  the day’s order of worship and a few announcements.  After coming indoors, you’ll see the large banner with Christ’s arms open wide, reminding each of us that it is Jesus who welcomes us to worship.  Inside the worship center (sanctuary) is a welcome table.  If you are a first time visitor we hope you’ll share with us a way that we can contact you.  This will help us welcome you more effectively.

You should feel free to sit anywhere you’d like.  There are no reserved seats during worship.  During worship we will sing, greet one another, have a special message for our children, pray, listen to the sermon and be sent into our week renewed and recharged to face whatever joys, blessings and challenges we encounter throughout the week.   As a first time visitor you WILL NOT be asked to stand up and introduce yourself.  We know this can be quite uncomfortable and we hope that your time with us will be nothing but a time for you to connect with the love that God has for you.

The week after you worship with us you can expect to receive a welcome letter that helps you get to know us a little bit better.  We hope that you’ll choose to worship with us a second & third time as Santa Cruz Valley becomes your church home.