What to Expect


When you walk up to the building at Santa Cruz Valley United Methodist Church you can expect to be greeted by friendly faces who will offer you the day’s order of worship and a few announcements.  Inside the worship center (sanctuary) is a welcome counter where you will receive a welcome packet.  We invite you to complete the guest registration so that we can get to know you a little better.  If you have specific needs, you can share them on this form.

You should feel free to sit anywhere you’d like.  There are no reserved seats during worship.  During worship we will sing, greet one another, have a special message for our children, pray, listen to the sermon and be sent into our week renewed and recharged to face whatever joys, blessings and challenges we encounter throughout the week.

As a first-time guest you WILL NOT be asked to stand up and introduce yourself.  We know this can be quite uncomfortable and we hope that your time with us will give you an opportunity to connect with Christ through our worship and you will feel the Holy Spirit throughout our church.