My first blog that’s not about makeup!!

Earlier this week I was wearing bike shorts getting ready to go on a ride.  Addison asked me if we could go shopping together later on that evening.  I told her I’d love to, but she’d have to be ok with me looking for a few things for myself.  I needed to buy new shorts because my thighs are a bit bigger this year than last.  (I work very hard to say things like this neutrally in front of Addison so she knows I think about such things, but without judgement.)  She said, “Yeah, momma.  It looks like you have a bunion on your thigh.”  I asked her what she’s talking about and she grabbed the fleshy part of my saddlebags and said, “Right here.  This sticks out like the bunion on your foot!”  I started laughing hysterically because of her creativity…and truth.

This got me to thinking, how do we choose to respond to what others say to us?  Sometimes I find that I’m so sensitive that I internalize everything that could be construed as even slightly negative.  At other times I can laugh off comments that I know aren’t ill intended, albeit thoughtless.  An emotion that doesn’t sit well with me is anger and infrequently my reaction to negative comments is simply that…I get mad.  What’s your response…and are you ok with that response?

If you’re not ok with your anger or the difficulty that comes with internalizing negative comments, I’m not sure what the answer is.  But at some point I know we have a choice.  At some point in life, as we mature and grow in self confidence, we can choose to laugh hysterically at the ridiculousness of other people’s comments.  It’s a gift of God to offer grace to others, even those who cause us difficulty.  Choose grace…laughter…goodness…love!!

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