Day 8–Some practicalities

Lent, Day 8, giving up non-hygienic beauty products, for the good of the world.

Let’s talk about some of the raw practicalities of my new makeup-less way of life.  I’m preparing to head out of town for a couple of days….don’t worry, the blog will continue when I return home.  As I’m packing I’ve been thinking about some of the benefits of not wearing makeup while I’m gone.  Here’s the list:

  • If I was flying I wouldn’t have to check my bags.
  • I won’t have to spend as much time at night taking off makeup and putting 12 products on my face.
  • I won’t spend as much time in the morning putting on makeup and can get to vacation breakfasts faster….which we all know is the best breakfast on the planet because I don’t cook it!
  • I might save myself from a back injury due to the weight of my cosmetics bag.
  • I don’t have to worry about a bottle leaking all over my clothes.
  • If I get a sunburn I won’t put chemical filled product on top of the burn just for appearance’s sake.
  • I have extra time with my kids in the morning (depending on their mood this might not be a benefit).
  • I think I’m saving a ton of money.  I’ll figure out later how to estimate the savings and will use the money to purchase malaria nets for children in Africa.   If you would like to purchase nets, here’s the UM church’s website in their world wide effort to eradicate this preventable disease:
  • I have much less stuff to keep up with.
  • Maybe I’ll have a chance to tell people what I’ve learned through this process and others will think carefully about their life long practices.
  • I’ve started reading a new devotional guide with my extra morning time.
  • I have a new sense of freedom with my appearance.
  • I’m embracing a new way of thinking about myself.
  • I give people the opportunity to love me for who I am, not how I pretend to look.
  • I’m showing my daughter (and hopefully others) that I’m not afraid to be me.
  • God created me without makeup…I’m coming back to the core of who I was created to be.
  • A vast majority of the world lives without food.  I can live without makeup.
  • If I get tired mid-day I can splash refreshing cold water on my face.
  • If I cry I won’t have to think about my mascara running.

Clearly some of these benefits are listed in jest.  Some, though, have got me thinking about this practice and how it’s already been of benefit to me, and perhaps to you.  Signing off for a few days.  Blessings to you all.


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