Day 5–My first Sunday without makeup

40 days of Lent without non-hygienic beauty products

I jokingly said today in worship that if all women decided to go without makeup and made this decision in a very public forum, people would be obligated to tell them that they look beautiful.  It’s quite possible that I received more comments about my appearance today in between worship services than the sum total of compliments I’ve received in my entire life.  It was a nice treat.  I did notice, though, that in my head I was discounting everything that everyone said to me.  I decided that they felt obligated to tell me I am beautiful.  Not that this is all bad.  I know that their compliments towards me are born out of a deep love and affection that has grown throughout 14 years of ministry.  I am truly blessed that people love me enough to tell me I’m beautiful even when I’ve convinced myself that I’m not.

Why do we do this to ourselves?  Why do we tell ourselves that if people say kind things to us about our physical appearance that they’re lying, or just being nice, or trying to build us up.  Oh, come on now.  I’m not the only one who does this.  It’s human nature, right?   I know that people were genuine in their compliments this morning.  I don’t doubt them at all.  But my brain has become so conditioned to rationalize reasons why people are complimenting me that I must begin to re-train myself to simply say thank you for people’s offerings.  My closest friends already knew that I have this tendency.  Now the rest of you do, too.  Perhaps on this 5th day of Lent I am to receive being inundated with compliments, receiving them as if they are God’s reminder to my broken little heart that I am beautiful!  Despite my natural face.  No…wait…I’ll even go one step further and decide on this day that God’s word to me as spoken through those who love me is this:  I am beautiful…because of my natural face!  Just the way God made me.  Covering up nothing.  Enhancing nothing.  Just as I am.  I am enough.

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