Day 36–Do I miss makeup?

36 days without makeup and non hygienic beauty products.

This is an interesting question that was posed to me about my Lenten fast.  Of course it’s not as simple as yes or no.  In my typical, organized fashion, why don’t I make a list of everything that I miss and don’t miss about makeup?

I miss…

  1. the way my eyes look dramatic and bright with a little bit of color, eye liner and mascara.  My mom called them “glamorous”!
  2. foundation’s ability to smooth over every blemish and bump.
  3. most of all those non hygienic beauty products that make my face feel incredibly smooth in the morning.  Eye cream, vitamin C cream, extra emollient night cream, eyelash extender, and the list goes on and on and on.
  4. my hair highlights.  My big patch of grey is showing through.  Why does this bother me?
  5. my hair smoothing cream.  I have just enough frizz in my hair to live with dangerous fly aways.  Do you sense that smooth is a theme that I long to use to describe my appearance?

I don’t miss…

  1. The 20 minutes it takes me to do my hair and makeup in the morning.  If I really needed to be out of the house in 8 minutes I could definitely do it.
  2. The goop on the face of my phone that I consistently wipe off after every phone call.  It’s gross, oil filled makeup residue.  Ick.
  3. Taking off my makeup at the end of the night.
  4. The cost of the hair highlights.  Where will I donate the money I’ve saved in this fast?  I’m thinking Imagine No Malaria.

I imagine what I’ll miss most of all after Lent is over will be the endless stream of people telling me how beautiful I am without makeup.  Does this mean I won’t be beautiful if I decide to wear makeup? Are people just complimenting me to bolster my confidence during this 40 day period?  Why don’t we go around telling each other how beautiful we look all the time, with or without makeup?  What if a man looks really good one day?  Do I tell him he’s beautiful…handsome…super hot?  Oh, the endless string of questions.

People have asked me if I’m going to wear makeup when Lent is over.  I’ll be glad to have the freedom to wear makeup again, but I’m not convinced I’ll wear it every day.  I will likely wear makeup again on Sundays because I truly feel it’s a part of the process of looking my best…all dressed up…great shoes and a little mascara too.  Maybe I’ll come up with a lighter makeup look…who knows?  I still have another week to decide.

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