Day 3…It’s all about the purpose

My journey through Lent–giving up all non-hygenic beauty products

For years I have been a runner, cyclist, gym rat and most recently, an indoor cycling instructor.  In all of my years of physical activity it’s never occurred to me that I should wear makeup to the gym.  Not that it doesn’t happen. I see women on treadmills and elliptical machines sweating buckets with full faces of make up running down their faces.  I’ve never quite understood them.  But, living within my life mantra of “no judgement”, I don’t have to understand them.  I simply reflect on my practices while exercising.  This is one place in life where I’m 100% consistent.  No make up.  No primping.  Not even lip gloss will go on this face when I’m heading out to exercise.  Not even if I’m meeting a group of people or competing in an event.  Never.

Perhaps then, my practices with makeup have more to do with purpose than I realize.  What is the purpose behind wearing make up at times when I’m not exercising?  My mom told me today that I look beautiful without makeup, but I look glamorous when I wear makeup.   I like feeling that at any one moment in my life I have the ability to look glamorous.  I don’t think that’s exactly what I’m going for on Sunday mornings, though.  The glamorous pastor!! Bringing people to Jesus through the glamour of the spiritual leader.  There’s deep purpose in that!

I think my purpose in wearing makeup during the week and especially on Sundays is to cover up and even my skin tone that is a little bit too marked by roseacea.  It’s to add a little color to my cheeks (note that I started by covering up the naturally colored roseacea on my cheeks)  It’s to highlight my eyes and make them look bigger.  It’s to make my lips look full and…ok…glamorous.  It’s to cover up the dark bags under my eyes that are the badge of pride for every mother of 3 children.  What this all boils down to is covering up what I don’t like and accentuating the places I believe could be a bit better.

This could be considered deep insight #1.  I’m not sure how I’ll respond to this insight but it sure is nice to have clarified this in my mind and with you.  Happy Friday!

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