Day 23–Covering up those imperfections

23 days without non hygienic beauty products

It’s 20 minutes until my bunco party starts.  I don’t want to go and am trying to think of reasons not to attend.  I could be dishonest and make up any number of excuses as to why I don’t want to go.  But, since this seems to be the place that I can tell the truth without hesitation, I don’t want to go to bunco because my face has completely broken out.  I have 5 zits (only on the left side of my face, interestingly enough) and I don’t have the option of covering them up with 6 different products.  How incredibly shallow am I?  Now that I’ve admitted this I have no more excuses.  I’m going to muster up all of my confidence and have a great time hanging out with some really cool women from my neighborhood.

If only it were as easy as using 6 beauty products to cover up all of our imperfections.  What if we could conceal our anger issues?  What if we could put on a product that would hide the resentment we carry around with us?  How about the imperfections that come out in the form of radical insecurities that cause us to speak poorly of other people or other groups of people?  As parents, what if cover up could mask the fear we have that we’ll make a mistake,  that something horrible will happen to our children at some point in the future, that we’ll have less than stellar relationships with our kids when they’re adults?

Ultimately, all the concealer in the world won’t cover the imperfections that we bear because (spoiler alert…) we’re human!!   Yes, we are imperfect human beings.  We are insecure, doubt filled creatures from time to time.  We’re hypocritical, angry and resentful towards others.  We often let fear rule our lives and allow this fear to effect everyone around us.  We also have zits.  Big ones.

The key to living an abundant life is not in covering up our imperfections.  It’s about acknowledging them as a reality and not living within that acknowledgement, but moving on to recognize that first, we were created as Children of God.  Beautiful, amazing, wonderful children of God.  God longs for us to have an abundant life.  I am convinced that with God’s help and with the help of really good friends and family members I can recognize the imperfections that tend to paralyze me and move on to something more fulfilling.  Tonight that’s bunco.  In the words of my husband, I’m an amazing person and I have something to offer the women in my bunco group.  I simply hope that what I can offer is me…no cover up, no concealer, no makeup.  I’ll offer them the foundation that I hold to be true.  That I am a beautiful child of God, with or without makeup.  With or without zits.

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