Day 21–Healthy choices…

21 days without non-hygienic beauty products

I love it when I make healthy choices.  When I reach for fruit instead of corn chips I feel like I’ve done something good for my body.  When I don’t snack from the entire box of sugary cereal while I’m watching the Biggest Loser weigh in on Tuesday nights, I feel like my body instantly becomes stronger.  When I wake up in the morning and run or ride or swim I know I’m  almost extending my life in some way.  It wasn’t until today that I wondered what is healthiest for my skin?

If living a healthy life is so important to me, perhaps it’s time to ask this question.  What are the healthy practices I can offer my face/hair that will contribute to longevity and peace?  Of course, living in the desert sunscreen is a must.  Do I put sunscreen on my face every day?  No.  I’ve gotten out of the habit.  This will be check mark #1 for a new skin related healthy . I’m about to go for a 30 minute run in the intense afternoon sunlight.  Did I put sunscreen on my body or do I have some here at church to apply?  Of course not.  Will I head out anyways without any concern?  Of course.  This will be check mark #2 for a new healthy practice—accessible sunscreen where ever I might need it.  After I run, I’m going for a short swim.  (Yes, the impending triathlon is clearly on my mind). I think since I don’t have sunscreen I’ll swim indoors at the gym rather than in the beautiful sunlight.  This decision being made, I know there is genuine concern now a days about people not getting enough vitamin D in their diets and sunlight being a prime contributor of vitamin D.  I’ve asked my doctor about this and he assures me I’m not at risk for a vitamin D deficiency.

What other practices are healthy for my skin?  Which of my practice are not healthy for my skin?  Did I ever look into the healthy benefits or risks of glycolic skin peels?  Of course not.  If they’re offered at day spas they must be healthy.  But how often is healthy?  What about all the creams I put around my eyes?  The lash lengthening serum?  The Vitamin C++ products that I use?  I am one who believes that if products are sold at a reputable retail outlet then they’re “healthy” products…or at least not damaging products.  This might be true, but what is healthy for some might not be healthy for all.  Resolved today, I will consider the health benefits/risks of my beauty regiment.  But for now, with or without sunscreen I have to run (literally) to go pick up my car from the shop.

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