Day 19–One of those days…

19 days without non hygienic beauty products

Have you ever had one of those days where you wanted to stay in bed all day long?  Maybe you have a book or a magazine in your hand and you alternate between reading and napping.  You’ve prepared a nice plate of fruit and have a cup of tea in a dainty tea cup with a saucer beneath?  It’s a bit overcast outside and the smell of rain is imminent.  This is how I was hoping today would play out.  Instead I’m at work, being semi productive, feeling tired, worn out and funky.  I’m convinced, though, that if I could just go out and exercise for a bit, then take a nice shower and put on a little bit of make up my mood would immediately skyrocket!! Why do I think this?  Because it’s happened to me before.  Many times in the past I’ve bucked up and put on a little extra lipstick and like magic I’m a whole new woman.  Sadly enough this isn’t available to me for the next few weeks.  And since I’ve started watching what I eat with great intensity (this weekend I intensely watched as I ate girlscout cookies!!) I’m not going to turn to chocolate to perk me up.  What’s a girl to do?

There is a powerful connection between our mood and who looks back at us in the mirror.  When we look good we usually feel good.  When we look down we generally feel down.  What defines looking good and looking down is different for each of us, but I’m willing to bet that when we’re all dressed up, or when we’ve just had our hair cut, colored and styled we feel pretty darn good about ourselves.  If we look disheveled like we just rolled out of bed we’ll probably feel that way for the rest of the day.  If sprucing yourself up with a little makeup isn’t an option, again, what’s a girl to do?

I don’t know what you would do, but what I’m going to do is finish up things at work and go for a swim.  Then I’ll go home and hang with the kids for a few hours, make some dinner and end the evening by teaching a cycling class that’s usually filled with a great group of people.  I could call in and have someone find a sub, but tonight is a special night.  The woman who teaches the class right before mine just did her first marathon this weekend.  She didn’t finish in the time she expected, but she finished and I’m really proud of her.  I think I’ll stop and get a few congratulatory balloons for her.  And there’s the answer…when feeling or looking funky do something for others.  Buy balloons for someone for no reason or pay for the car in the drive through behind you at Starbucks or give the guy on the corner a dollar.  Getting outside yourself is truly the answer for lifting your mood.  It’s not makeup that’s the solution.  It’s doing things for others that helps our mood,  no matter how grungy we really are!!

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