Day 18–I’m Glowing!!

18 days without non hygienic beauty products

I’ve heard from several people say that without makeup I’m positively glowing!!  Funny…people say the same thing about pregnant women and I am not, nor will I ever be pregnant again.  Thanks be to God.  What does it mean to say someone is glowing?

Truthfully, I have a skin condition that’s working in my benefit.  I have Roeacea, which is a “chronic skin condition that makes your face turn red and may cause swelling and skin sores that look like acne.”  I use prescription medication to remove the tiny little acne breakouts (although today is my first Sunday with a giant zit on my cheek that I couldn’t cover up with concealer).  The prescription medication doesn’t remove the redness completely.  There are food triggers that can cause the redness to become worse.  Sometimes exercise makes me glow a little bit more.  But because of the Rosacea, even without makeup my cheeks are a nice rosy red.

I don’t think it’s my rosy cheeks that cause people to say that I’m glowing.  I believe it’s my personality, my energy, my passion and general excitement for life that people equate with glowing.  We don’t often think of someone who has a flat personality as glowing, even if they are pregnant.  When I was in Jr. High my nickname was “Perky”.  Of course, people might still think this applies, although the perkiness has become a little less with the birth of each child.  I can’t explain why I have a glowing personality, but I am thankful that I do.  Whether its inherited or a product of my deep love for Jesus and wanting to share that love with others, I’m grateful to be outgoing, happy and perky by my very nature.

On this day, the day that the Lord has made, whether we have a glowing personality, or simply the glow of rosy cheeks, lets do our best to glow for God, sharing God’s love with everyone we meet.  Blessings to each of you.  Thanks for reading.

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