Confidence…where does it come from?

Less than two weeks to go in my Lenten journey without non hygienic beauty products…

One of the contestants on this season of the Biggest Loser said that her weight loss journey was 100% about confidence.  I could easily disagree with her.  Her weight loss journey was about hard work, determination, eating right and burning more calories than she ingested.   Maybe though, what she was saying was that confidence in herself was the root of her hard work, determination and calorie deficit.

I’ve had to have quite a bit of confidence these past 30 some days, living a public life without makeup.  I’ve been invited to show the real me in a way I haven’t in my past.  I haven’t been able to cover up those places on my face, and maybe even in my life that I’d rather keep private.  I’ve identified insecurities that need to be addressed and overcoming this will take an extraordinary amount of confidence.  So where do I (we) find this confidence to live fully into every area of our lives?

As Christians we are taught that our self worth, and therefore the root of our confidence comes from the sure and certain knowledge that God created us, loves us, Christ died for us and longs to be in relationship with us.  I completely embrace this.  But I also know that once our confidence is shattered by circumstance, we must do the work to rebuild.  In this rebuilding process God can use many external forces to remind us of our self worth.  God can use our own abilities and successes to help increase our confidence.  God can use the affirmations of those around us.  God can use adversity and difficulties to develop our confidence.  God can use authors and teachings to help us increase our confidence.  Can God even use makeup to add a little confidence on the days that I need it most?

Ultimately though, those external forces aren’t permanent.  If we can convince ourselves of the spiritual truth that is available for each person to claim as their own…that God’s love for us is permanent, constant, and unwavering…then perhaps that will help us rely not on our own sense of worth, but on God’s sense of the worth of our lives.  The truth is that God’s sense of worth doesn’t factor in makeup or accomplishment or abilities.  God’s view of our worth simply is.  It simply exists.  There’s no earning our sense of worth.  It simply is.  Amen, and Amen.

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