Complete Beauty…

The last time I sat in the Las Vegas Airport I wrote a blog about my attempt to complete a 1/2 Ironman distance triathlon.  While that was a marvelous experience, I can’t say I was heading back to Tucson feeling quite as renewed as I do today.  The last 3 days has been filled with beauty that goes beyond any words. There is no creation quite like what I just experienced.  On Tuesday we started the week at Zion National Park hiking to Emerald Pools, the Grotto and to the entrance of The Narrow.  Zion NP was named by someone who believed it was a place of sanctuary.  And it is.   The next day we went to Bryce Canyon National Park which is extraordinary in a completely different way.  With rock formations like spires coming out of the ground (technically called Hoodoos) it was difficult to tear my eyes away.  Our third day we hiked The Narrows, which is the passageway the Virgin River carved, creating slot canyons with walls higher than I ever could have imagined.  The water was flowing as we hiked through to the point where we stopped and had lunch.  The entire trip I had one overwhelming thought:  Thanks be to God.

Creation is an amazing gift that we have been offered.  There is so much to see…so many colors…so many opportunities to stretch your body, imagination, and spirit.  I feel a great sense of urgency to explore and learn all that God has given me.  Where will our next trip take us?  As I think about this question, I’m ready to go again next week.  Here’s the list of places that I’m desperate to see before my time on Earth is through:  All the National Parks (which will take me to most states), Italy, Ireland, France, Germany, Prague, and somewhere in Africa (I haven’t thought of this carefully enough to know exactly where in Africa).  Wow…that’s quite the travel bucket list!  I better get going!

Here’s your chance to weigh in.  What is the most creation rich place you’ve ever visited?  I’m not looking for places like “Disneyland” or “New York City”.  Help me understand where I will experience the best part of God’s creation.  Where can I be active…hiking, cycling, running?  I’ll add it to the list and if you’re lucky, maybe we’ll go visit this place together.  Thanks for your help as I revel in the mystery and beauty that is creation.

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