Chris Swartzentruber

1.  My purpose on SCV’s staff is to lead youth as they develop a relationship with Christ.  I seek to provide a safe, fun, and accepting environment in which youth can ask questions and engage in discussion with fellow youth.

2.  Originally born in Wooster, Ohio, I moved to Amado, Arizona in 2003 with my family.  I have five brothers and two sisters.  I attended Continental School from first grade through eighth grade, graduated from Walden Grove High School in 2015, and I am currently enrolled at Pima Community College earning my associates degree towards a degree in Environmental Science.
3.  For fun I like to play soccer, hike, watch movies, hang out with my friends, and read.  I enjoy learning about the natural world and exploring it.  I currently have four dogs, four cats, two turtles, a goat, some chickens, and a chameleon so much of my free time is spent taking care of them.
4.  I like many types of music with the exception of a few genres (country, indie, and whatever Nickelback plays).  My favorite genres include Alternative, Hip Hop, Rap, Classical, Rock, Metal, Reggae, Punk, Jazz, Blues, Latin, Soul, Funk, Gospel, and Motown.  My iPod has anything from Muddy Waters to Billy Joel and I cycle through everything!
5.  My favorite authors are Ernest Hemingway, Hermann Hesse, John Steinbeck, and Hunter S. Thompson.  Out of the four, Ernest Hemingway wins the top spot for writing The Sun Also Rises, which is my favorite book.
6.  Medium (yes, I say medium) Green Tea.  Unsweetened.