About Us

What is our church history?

1999 – 2003
As a result of encouragement from Green Valley Community church, a group of individuals came together at Santa Rita Springs Recreation Center on January 31, 1999. At the time it was referred to as a “4th service.” Dr. David Weber encouraged us to go forward in the hope of becoming a new church start. Dr. Eugene Friesen was assigned to serve us. At the time of his retirement Rev. Norm Steffenson came forward to serve. In the intervening time committees were formed to determine the mission and vision of the group. After some months we moved to Continental School and enjoyed the use of that beautiful facility. After considerable discussions and prayer, it was our desire to become an “inter-generational church” and the growing area of Sahuarita was considered ideal for this type of church.

We moved to Sahuarita High School Cafeteria for several months. We then were assigned the primary school gym. Rev. Brian Osborn was assigned to us on July 1st, 2000. Desiring to hold Sunday school classes for children left us in a dilemma as to lack of space. We were given the opportunity to use an abandoned school building on the premises. Several individuals spent
countless hours fixing up the building to make it usable. Today, we are exploding with children averaging 50 to 75 children weekly in our Sunday school.

With the boom in Sahuarita, and our deliberate outreach to the unchurched, our attendance is increasing dramatically. It was apparent that this was the area where we belong. God has led us to fill a need in the community and especially to reach young families. While growing we have had an active mission outreach including need in the Santa Cruz Valley as well as in Mexico. With loving support of the Community Church and with the assistance of Desert Southwest Conference through the year 2003 we have moved forward. We are taking our first step in providing a physical church home.

2004 – 2010

Summer 2004 – Michelle Brower became Music Director

Oct 17, 2004 – Congregation approved purchase of land

Jan 2, 2005 – Moved from Primary School gym to Sahuarita H.S. gym

Mar 6, 2005 – Desert Southwest Conference (DSWC) approved SCVUMC charter

Oct 23, 2005 – Held first All-Church Charge Conference

Oct 31, 2005 – Closed escrow on land purchase (6.65 acres, $425,000)

Mar 2008 – Journey of Faith 3-year fund raising campaign began (over $600,000 in pledges)

Spring 2008 – Moved from Sahuarita H.S. gym back to Primary School gym

Sep 7, 2008 – Pastor Osborn left to become a chaplain in the U.S. Army

Nov 2, 2008 – Pastor Allan Wintersteen’s first Sunday as temporary pastor

Jul 5, 2009 – Pastor Mark Conrad’s first Sunday as permanent pastor

Fall 2009 – Youth Ministry (ACTS) combined with Green Valley Community Church youth

Sep 7, 2010 – DSWC approved financing for first church building

Oct 17, 2010 – Ground-breaking ceremony on church property

Nov 17, 2010 – Construction began on first church building

Nov 2010 – Michelle Brower left as Music Director, Randy Cochran new Music Director

May 22, 2011 – First Sunday service in our own building

May 1, 2013 – Pastor Michael Anderson is appointed as Associate Pastor

July 1, 2013 – Pastor Angie McCarty is appointed as Senior Pastor

July 1, 2017 – Pastor Efrain Zavala is appointed as Pastor.

July 1, 2019 – Rev. Sandy Johnson is appointed as Pastor.