A Labor of Love….

If you’re reading this then I know that Santa Cruz Valley’s new website is up and running!  What a blessing that there are people in the world who are willing to help with the technical issues I don’t understand (thanks, Paulina).  There are also people who are in a position to give a small church a killer deal on a new website (Thank you, Joey & Go Web Solutions!!).  Even better than that, there are people in the world (Wayne Craig) who figured out how to give Santa Cruz Valley a website when they first formed and were meeting in a school.  Wayne didn’t know anything about web design and learned from scratch so that his church could attract new visitors.  Wayne, you are amazing and are hereby publicly released from web site duties.  Wayne makes me wonder, though, what are we all willing to pour into our churches for them to be successful?  Are we willing to give a piece of our business, our time, or our talents?  Is just a piece enough?  Does God expect each of us to make the sacrifices in time and energy that Wayne did all those years ago when SCV was so new?  Does God expect extravagant generosity from us as we interact with the people of His church, His world and His kingdom?  I think so!  I don’t know what that looks like for you.  Maybe you don’t either at this point.  Being open to the possibility of extravagance, though, will allow you to hear God when God calls you to boldly step into the future with His church and His people.  Thanks be to God for people like Wayne who say yes to that call.  Thanks be to each of us who keep our hearts open, waiting to hear where God is calling us next!!

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